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Why Self Publish

3 Reasons To Self-Publish Your Book

PK Self Publishers

Have you got a dream or passionate idea for a book? One of the best, quickest and easiest ways to publish these days is to DIY it ( self-publish). Self-publishing is an excellent opportunity for anyone and for all genres. Writing a book helps establish your credentials and builds your brand, creating opportunities you may never have dreamt of. I know it happened to me.

Some of the advantages of self-publishing include the following:
  • Minimal upfront cost or risk: technologies such as print-on-demand and ebooks mean you don’t have to pay to print thousands of copies in advance. 
  • Faster speed, more control, higher royalties: with self-publishing, you get 100% say over your cover design and title. You’ll also get 70% royalties from Amazon Kindle sales rather than the minimal slice that a traditional publisher would grant you.
  • Crystallise your thoughts: researching, writing, and publishing your book increases your knowledge and skills, even if you’re already an expert in your field. The marketing process can be a great networking opportunity.
    Anyone can do it with the right help.
Why not go with a traditional publisher?

Just a few years ago, self-publishing was still a huge stigma. The general view was that no traditional publisher – particularly the Big Publishers – would ever touch an author who had gone the DIY route. Times Change. Now, big publishers actively seek authors who have had success in self-publishing. Why? Because that author has done all the legwork regarding profile building, audience building, and market testing. But what’s really significant is that many self-publishers – the “indy authors” – are making far more money and have far more freedom than the average traditionally published author.
Now is your window of opportunity & We can do it all for you or help you in the process to get your books self publish.