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PK Self Publishers

Terms and Condition

PK Self Publisher endeavours to provide a complete and accurate service for all projects we undertake; however, we cannot guarantee a 100% error-free document. As a self-publishing author, you are ultimately responsible for reviewing and proofreading all final changes to your book prior to publication. For those authors who decide not to commission us for professional editing/proofreading services, any errors present in your published book are entirely your responsibility.

Will not be held accountable for any legal liabilities incurred in relation your content or subject matter, or any losses arising from using our service. While PKSP exercises due diligence regarding preparation of any written and graphic content, you are responsible for all trademark, patent and copyright infringement clearances. We reserve the right to decline work that contains plagiarised content, or any project involving text which is deemed to be obscene, defamatory or otherwise offensive.

PK Self Publisher reserves the right to display your completed project as part of our portfolio for promotional purposes (unless you specifically request otherwise). If possible, we would also appreciate receiving a printed copy of your book to showcase at our self-publishing workshops and author consultations. Until payment for completed work is received in full, PK Self Publisher retains copyright of any Adobe InDesign and/or other artwork files we have created for your project. On receipt of your final payment, complete copyright of all associated artwork files passes to you. Please note that in accordance with Australian copyright law, copyright of your own written and/or illustrative content is automatic granted and exists the moment you express your creation in material form. All our clients retain 100% copyright of their own creative content. PK Self Publisher offers no guarantee that you will successfully sell your book. Ultimately your sales results will depend on your own efforts and decisions.


PK Self Publisher is not a traditional publishers; there is an author contribution to publishing a book. PKSP is a Self-publishing conduit to help authors produce an international standard book. PKSP does not edit or proofread all M/scripts send for publishing; this is the author’s responsibility.PKSP can organise Proofreading, copyediting and ghost writing on request from an author, and at an agreed cost.