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PK Self Publisher Proofreading

Why is it important to proofread a document?

Professional proofreading is the last read-through and check. It will add polish to your finished manuscript. Proofreading means checking your final draft carefully and correcting typos and grammatical mistakes before releasing it to readers. We double-check everything making sure your book is ready for publication.

We also; 

  • Fix formatting inconsistencies.
  • Ensuring that any web links go to the correct webpage
  • Checking that the index matches the content
  • Making sure that the layout is consistent throughout the work
  • Making sure that the images have the accurate captions

there is much more behind a proofreader's job.

Why Bother to get proofreading done?

PK Self Publishers

Conclusion though proofreading is less extensive than an edit, it is a significant step when preparing your manuscript to be read by others, as errors can cause confusion or be seen as unprofessional. PK proofreading services will help you polish your writing and ensure your manuscript is professionally  ready for publication. 

Proofreading is more straightforward and much less extensive than other edits.

In traditional publishing, every book is proofed before it’s released. Why is this necessary? Because if a reader finds more than a handful of typos or grammatical mistakes, it could/will negatively affect their reading experience.  Independent authors often look for ways to reduce costs, so they endeavour to do it all themselves, which I fully understand and have done so myself when I first started writing. However, I quickly learnt from my mistake and strongly recommend you pay to get it done; it is worth the money but up to you. 

  • Professional Proofreaders look at your work with fresh eyes, which is very helpful in spotting errors. 
  • It is more time-saving for you
  • We often have insights and suggestions to improve your work.
  • We work closely with you and don’t make changes you won’t know about first.

Proofreading Fees:

$95.00 Per Hour.