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Author Coaching For Naturopaths

- ie. Natural Health Practitioners & Small Business

Hello, my name is Philip; Writing a book will grow your business enormously and help you –  help more people.

Through book writing coaching, I can show you how to write, structure, self-publish and profit from your book.

Putting your expertise into words in an eBook (electronic book), audiobook or paperback is a very effective, low-cost way to self-publish and become an “Author”  and an expert in your field. And it is easier than you may think; Because we can help you do it.

Think about the almighty power of writing a book. It changes how people see you.

It all begins with your book as the cornerstone of your marketing, and a book is the biggest and best business card you can ever have! Because your book makes you an authority, and that’s why the word “authority” has the word “author” in it. The opportunities keep growing after you publish your book – think of all the social media opportunities – you can literally go from being unknown one minute to showing up in many Internet searches.

I believe most Practitioners (you)  have a unique health and healing message to share but don’t have the time or don’t know where to start in the writing and self-publishing process, so you don’t consider writing.

To ask questions and see if you want to start your coaching lessons.
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A Naturopath, Coah and a Self Publisher

So Who Is Philip Bridgeman,
ND, BSc, Dip Herbal Medicine &
Best-Selling Author, Editor and Self Publisher.

I am a Naturopath, Coach and Self–Publisher. After several years of running a private health clinic, I wrote a book on ‘Chronic Fatigue’, the most common complaint I saw in my patients then. I self-published this book, and the results of my business were overwhelming. Within months of releasing the book, I went from a small-sized clinic to a very successful Practice, to the extent that I  needed to employ people to help me. I went from an unknown Naturopath to a sort-after speaker and an authority on natural health, including national and international speaking engagements, TV and radio interviews, and even having my own health radio program for a few years.

I am saying all this to encourage you and offer you the same model of success I experienced. And because I ran a successful private health clinic for many years, I understand the Natural Health industry very well, so I can share my experience to success. All small businesses can take this opportunity as it will work for you in any field. Sometimes people just miss the boat because they won’t step out and do it!  Often because of “Where do I start?” and “How do I get my book out there?”. I can help you, and it’s not that hard.

I know what works from experience and can help guide your progress. You will get regular one on one feedback and support every step of the way. At the start, I help plan the book with you (called ‘outlining’). In the initial writing coaching session, I begin to unlock the obstacles to you writing your book. Since your publishing and writing mentor (me) is also an editor, this has significant benefits. With feedback, you’ll soon understand how to tighten up your writing and choose the best topic,  case histories, quotes, references, etc.

Why write a book? Because there are an ever-increasing number of sick people, and you have the answers they are seeking. When people have a need, and you have the answer, you have a potent recipe for success. What is the key to releasing this potent recipe? The answer is a Book!