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Manuscript Appraisal (or Assessment)

PK Self Publishers Self Publishing Manuscript

Manuscript Appraisal Fees:

The fee for this service will depend on the size (words) of your manuscript For draft manuscripts between 10,000 and 75,000 words,  $250–$450


If you have any other questions regarding manuscript assessment please email us directly -

When you have your manuscript completed, and before you decide to go ahead and publish, a professional Appraisal is very constructive. We read your work and help give an in-depth assessment of your document to identify any areas of your book that you can work on to strengthen its structure, content and style.

With this assessment, ‘No’ alterations are made to your document, but we discuss parts of your writing that will benefit your story, and you make any changes yourself. Which can save you money later on other editing fees.

This Appraisal will help answer any questions before self-publishing your book. And give you a clear picture of the strengths and any weaknesses your writing may have. The most common questions new clients ask me are; Is my manuscript worth publishing? Should I publish? Is it a waste of time and money? Does my writing make sense – does it flow and synergise well enough? How much Editing will it need, a lot of work or just basic proofreading and punctuation checks?

We suggest practical ways to improve your manuscript and what the next steps will be to get your manuscript ready for publication. We will advise on any further editing you may or may not need to do. 

Once we have completed this Appraisal, we will book a consultation for you (45 minutes) to discuss our findings. Your choice of Zoom/Facetime, Phone or in-person consultations.