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We at PK Publishers specialise in helping authors get their books self-published.

We are a small personalised business and work closely with you throughout the publishing process. We provide affordable prices and personal support and guidance to you. Our mission is to make your self -publishing experience easy and enjoyable, as we know first-hand all the frustrating areas of self-publishing. There are many steps to take to get from start to finish, and many people are just too busy to be able to do the necessary time-consuming work involved in self-publishing. 

we will bring your book to life.

Writing a book will expand your Ministry or Business enormously.

Putting your expertise into words in an eBook (electronic book), audiobook or paperback is a very effective, low-cost way to self-publish and become an “Author”  and an expert in your field. And it is easier than you may think; Because we can help you do it.

From whatever stage you are at right now we can help you. So even if you’ve got one chapter sitting on your computer’s hard-drive, notes on paper, a talk on audio, ideas in your head or a finished manuscript ready to be made public. A book is the biggest and best business card you can ever have! Because your book makes you an authority, and that’s why the word “authority” has the word “author” in it. Don’t miss the opportunity of writing your book. 

We Are Here To Help

We will get your manuscript into a print-ready eBook, hardback or paperback book. But we don’t just stop there; we offer editing, proofreading, and formatting services. We will professionally typeset, format, and publish your book on Amazon KDP (Print and/or Kindle), IngramSpark and other major platforms. And design high-quality and eye-catching book covers. Our Services

We help Christians & Small Businesses, Natural Health Practitioners, and Life Coaches become influential leaders in their niche environments. I know first-hand because I have experienced how effective writing your own books can be in all the areas listed here. It will change your life and grow your business or ministry exponentially. Take a Step of Faith and contact us; we will bring your book to life.

FREE 20-Minute chat before we start.

We understand your book’s importance, so Our Free consultation offer allows you to ask Philip questions and feel confident that we are the best self-publishers for your project. It’s an informal chat with you to establish a personal connection and you can ask about costs and the steps needed to get your book published.

Take the opportunity and contact us Now!

Why Self Publishing

Creative Control

100% Retain All Rights

100% Royalty Rates

Price Control

Our Satisfied Self Published Authors

Our Services

Every author has their own specific needs when publishing their book. Your manuscript will be in a particular stage of completion so you may need extra help with our services, depending on your stage.

Therefore we offer a variety of options and costs with our services to complement your needs.

Book Editing

Proof Reading Copy Editing Developmental - Editing Manuscript - Appraisal

Book Formatting

Formatting your book is how your manuscript looks and reads; like font size, page colour, word count, page number, line spacing, and paragraph breaks. Visual appearance is crucial and is the proper way to present your book.

Book Cover Design

Cover Design

Yes, people judge a book by its cover. So we design a front and back cover for you that will entice potential readers to want to pick up or click on your book.

Author Coaching

Don't miss the opportunity to write your book. People are often held back because of "Where do I start?" and "How do I get it out there?" As an Author Coach I can help you, and it's not that hard.

Ebook Account Set-up and Distribution

To save you the headache we will create your author account for you and distribute your ebook to online major retailers.

Print Account Set-up and POD

We create your Author account and get your book published so you can have (POD) Print On Demand Copies.

About Us

Our Mission is to help you turn your story, testimony, sermons, expertise or business ideas into a finished book or eBook

We would love to help you fulfil your dreams and reach more people with your message through writing and self-publishing your books.


PK Self Publishers will publish your books on all the major online platforms to help you reach a wider audience around the world.